Brunswick Road is a residential project located in central Albany within the Albany Historic Town Design Policy Area.  This project represents a juxtaposition between the historic town and the industrial port.  The front part of the house is quite traditional in appearance and conforms with the Historic Town Policy, while the rear of the residence rotates to face north and appears to grow out of the front roof.  The vertical windows of the rear addition reference the vertical windows on the grain towers often seen glowing green at night.

The windows in the house are strategically placed to take advantage of views to the south as well as northern sun where ever possible.   The bedrooms are all located along the east boundary with the main open plan kitchen dining and sitting area on the north side of the house.  There is a separate lounge at the front surrounded by the traditional verandah, as this room is primarily for TV or evening activities it is better to be well shaded.  Entry to the residence is located at the junction between the front and rear.  Having a central entry point rather than the traditional front door helps to organise the spaces and prevents the wasted space created by corridors.  Next to the entry is the central staircase with the second level comprising a master suite for the parents to retreat to.

Part of the design brief was for a guest bedroom and en-suite that would be suitable for the future care of aging grandparents, this bedroom is located on the north side and in the meantime acts as an extra activity room.




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