The main emphasis of the design was to maximise the views from the property.  The existing residence was a gable roofed rectangular structure built boundary to boundary with views to the west from the rear rooms.  The aim with the addition was to maintain the views from the existing rooms while adding new livings areas on the west side of the residence.  The was achieved by rotating the additions by 15 degrees allowing existing views to be maintained and new picture windows to be formed in the addition facing the view.  The rotation also opened up an area to the north side of the addition for an outdoor area and allowed northern sun into the house.  The new entry was also rotated on the same angle to provide a connection between the front and back, giving a glimpse of the view when you enter the residence.

The telescope shape of the addition focusing your attention on the stunning view

The slit window between the master bedroom and the living room gives a perfect view from the bed of the master bedroom out across the harbour while still providing privacy from the living space.